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ICE-Cube Features

ICE-Cube Features
ICE-Cube Breakpoints
ICE-Cube Emulation RAM
ICE-Cube Address Monitor
ICE-Cube Debugger
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Did you know...
The ICE-Cube can run code out of the system EPROM or Flash or it can be downloaded into the ICE-Cube Emulation RAM to be debugged!
The ICE-Cube can stop on writes to the program space or when a specific address is read or written!

Features of the Z80 ICE-Cube:
bulletFull-speed, 0 wait-state emulation to 20Mhz. No processor peripherals or interrupts are affected by the ICE-Cube.
bulletNo cables! The ICE-Cube plugs directly into the target system for the closest emulation possible.
bulletTiny! Possibly the smallest, full-featured in-circuit emulator ever designed.
bulletLow-cost! No other emulators with the functionality of the ICE-Cube are even close in price.
bulletCommunicates with SDEBUG up to 115k baud for fast program downloads and ICE-Cube accesses. Downloads 105k in 10 seconds.
bulletRuns stand-alone without a target. Can be self-powered or powered from the target. Clock source and two frequencies are selected in software for the Z180 or DIP switch for the Z80.
bulletComes with 128k standard emulation RAM and may optionally be upgraded to 512k. RAM may be write-protected, enabled or disabled on any number of address ranges, and moved anywhere in the address space.
bulletProvides 512k of breakpoints that can be set at any address to stop on execution, memory read, memory write, or I/O write.
bulletAddress monitor covers the entire 512k address space to stop execution on any combination of execute, memory read, or memory write from any number of address ranges in as small blocks as 16 bytes.
bulletFirmware downloads into the ICE-Cube for fast updates.
bulletFast Windows debugger with complete links to C source, variables, types and assembly source and labels.
bulletWith Softools WinIDE, Control Cross-C compiler and advanced macro cross-assembler, the ICE-Cube provides a complete and low-cost development solution.
bulletSupports hardware bank switching for emulation memory and breakpoints without any addition connections to the ICE-Cube. Changes to the bank in target hardware is easily reflected to the ICE-Cube for transparent debugging of banked Z80 programs.
bulletAuto-detects external or internal clock source. Internal clock may be selected when used in target system using DIP switch.
bulletMemory over 64k requires using the included bank switching feature of the ICE-Cube hardware. The 128k emulation RAM size allows for 4 16k banks of code, the 512k option allows for 28 banks.
bulletBreakpoint, Address monitor and Emulation RAM addresses over 64k are handled through the banking facility of the ICE-Cube.
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