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ICE-Cube Debugger
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The ICE-Cube comes complete with a versatile source-level debugger, SDEBUG. This Turbo-debug-like windowing program provides all of the windows, views, and functions necessary to debug even the most complex and largest of programs. The award-winning Borland International Turbo Debug inspired many of the concepts in SDEBUG. SDEBUG takes these concept even further by applying the same easy-to-use interface to ICE-Cube functions.

Configuring emulation RAM, the address monitor, or other ICE-Cube functions is very easy. Set up an ICE-Cube function with a few clicks and moves of the mouse. A mouse is never required in SDEBUG so you can do on-site debugging on a small laptop computer. This very flexible program provides features that will increase even an expert's productivity.

SDEBUG is completely configurable - window colors, screen size and video mode, symbol case-sensitivity, windows sizes and placement - all can be customized. Program downloads and ICE-Cube accesses are very fast, operating up to 115k baud, even under Windows. Download a 105kb program in only 10 seconds. Use a mouse or keyboard to control program execution and select SDEBUG functions. Single stepping and breakpointing are essential when debugging code. SDEBUG has several powerful stepping functions for both assembly code and C code.

The user can very easily move around in program files to set breakpoints or to execute to the cursor or to an address. Use a symbol list or C function list to quickly set a breakpoint on or to go to a selected symbol. No more paging through MAP or symbol files - SDEBUG displays the sorted list, and as you type in a name, the cursor narrows in on your selection. This, too, occurs on module pick lists and file lists. Debugging has never been easier or more productive!

Users with large banked-switched (or paged) programs using Softools' Control Cross-C compiler or SASM cross-assembler get an added benefit - SDEBUG automatically handles program calls and returns in and out of banked functions. SDEBUG creates a debugging environment that is unmatched by any similarly priced Z80/Z180 in-circuit emulator and debugging development system in today's market.




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