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Quality microprocessor development tools since 1989.


Custom compilers and special features  can also be developed for you by Softools.


Now - Softools supports secure online purchases using credit card or Paypal.

  Softools has the software and hardware tools to meet your needs, help get your project done on time, and at a fraction of the cost of other tools. And supporting this micro-processor family is our total business and not a small portion of a business supporting multiple processors, we know our tools well and that they will meet your goals. Let us prove it to you!

We support the Z80, Z180 families, Rabbit 2000/3000 and 8085 families. They make up 100% of our business and they get 100% of our attention and support. Keep this in mind when you consider other vendors who support many or dozens of processors. If 5% of their sales are for the Z80/Z180 family of tools, how much time do you think will be devoted to working with those tools, and to you the user, for technical support?

All of Softools products have been designed, developed, maintained and documented by Softools. There are no questions we can't answer, nothing. We specialize in tools for the Rabbit 2000/3000, Z80 & Z180,  8085 (and opcode compatible) processors. We are available for custom compiler design and have completed 3 in addition to our Z80/Z180 tools.  We also have the most complete and flexible bank switching support available for large programs.

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