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Z80 ICE-Cube

ICE-Cube Features
ICE-Cube Breakpoints
ICE-Cube Emulation RAM
ICE-Cube Address Monitor
ICE-Cube Debugger
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Did you know...
The ICE-Cube is only 2.5 by 5 inches and will fit in a shirt pocket!
The ICE-Cube pod is the full ICE - only a serial cable is required to be connected to the PC!
For lower power designs the ICE-Cube can be self-powered with the included power supply!

The Z-80 and Z180 ICE-Cube is SOLD OUT.
ICE-Cube (11054 bytes) The ICE-Cube emulates at full speed with no wait states or other constraints. No processor signal or peripheral is effected by emulation. The ICE-Cube is fully functional without target hardware, enabling simultaneous development of both system code and hardware.


The ICE-Cube can be powered by either the target system or its included power supply. Emulation RAM can be used in place of ROM and RAM in the system. The internal clock in the ICE-Cube or the target clock may be selected via a switch so as not to disturb Z-80 clock timing. ICE-Cube (7599 bytes)
With the SDEBUG-Win debugger, the ICE-Cube can issue a hardware reset to the target. The ICE-Cube will emulate a reset to allow debugging software restarts. The design without the need for cables barely affects processor timing. Start or stop emulation, regardless of the state of processor internal registers or peripherals. Breakpoints occur on any processor instruction.
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