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  Address Monitor

The ICE-Cube contains a powerful address monitor. The entire 1Mb address space is covered by the monitor. Execution can stop on an access to an address that should not occur during execution of the program. The user can create any number of address ranges with a 16-byte resolution.

Each range can be programmed to breakpoint on execution in the range, a memory read in the range, a memory write in the range, or any combination of these three accesses. Areas may be left to allow any or all of these accesses to occur. To catch unwanted writes, this small 16-byte resolution allows monitoring read-only or limited-access data structures in RAM.

During debugging, the user can monitor the program area in ROM or in emulation RAM for address writes to catch the nearly impossible-to-find writes to ROM that normally go unnoticed because ROM can't be altered. Write-protecting emulation RAM simulates a ROM environment. Not doing so causes the program code to change, likely crashing the program at some point after the write happens.

Finally, the user can create large ranges of no-execute areas over variables and unused address space to instantly catch program crashes and bad transfers through a pointer.

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