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ICE-Cube Features
ICE-Cube Breakpoints
ICE-Cube Emulation RAM
ICE-Cube Address Monitor
ICE-Cube Debugger
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ICE-Cube for the Z80 microprocessor supporting speeds up to 10Mhz, 0 wait states. Includes 512kb breakpoints, 512kb address monitor, 128k emulation RAM (4 16k banks), and the SDEBUG-Win source-level debugger.

ER-512K $100.00
Emulation RAM upgrade to 512k.
Note: ER-512k with the Z80 ICE-Cube allows 28 16k banks instead of 4 16k banks. ER-512k MUST be purchased with an ICE-Cube and it not an upgrade.

SDEBUG-Win NEW $520.00
Update your ICE-Cube and/or Softools development tools for Windows supported debugging.  No more DOS-only SDEUBG.  SDEBUG-Win supports full debugging in the WinIDE.  Supports Win2k and XP including USB serial devices.  Works with the Z180 and Z80 ICE-Cubes.
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